UFO-ringen - Åkerkve

Tursti til UFO-ringen på Espevær | Fotograf: Øyvind Steinsbø
Sti UFO-ringer Åkerkve fotograf Øyvind Steinsbø

To get to the UFO ring, walk for about 10 minutes through slightly hilly, in places marshy, terrain. It can be quite muddy, so we recommend boots even though there are planks to walk on. The path starts beside the chapel.

The UFO ring appeared one night in 1975, when lights were observed over Espevær, dogs barked hysterically and fuse boxes exploded. A few days later, an oval ring measuring 63 meters in length and 13 meters in diameter, was discovered. The mark is 40 cm.wide. Neither the M.O.D. or the UFO experts can explain what made this mark, which is still clearly visible on the ground.

A lovely walk and an opportunity to bathe in the summer.

Don't be disappointed if you don't see a UFO - they seldom return!

Map reference: 59° 35,51' N - 05° 09,01' Ø

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