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The authorities are asking everyone living or staying in Norway to read the advice provided about coronavirus at fhi.no and helsenorge.no. This advice is updated regularly. 


  • Do you think you might have Covid-19?
    Please isolate yourself from other people and call 53 42 30 01 to book a corona test.
  • The phone is open 08.30-11.30 og 13.00-14.30 on weekdays. 
  • When you book you will be told where to go for the test.


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National restrictions

The virus is spreading rapidly and all counties have outbreaks of infection. 

The Norwegian government continually updates the national infection control measures

The Municipality of Bømlo follows national restrictions. 

The Government`s plan for a gradual reopening

Travel to Norway


Other important questions

For more information

IMDI.no - Corona pandemic: Useful websites in other languages

Helsenorge.no - Information about coronavirus in other languages

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health - Brochures and videos about coronavirus in other languages

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